Hillary’s America: movie review

July 31, 2016

Hillary 1




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Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party


Why Muslims Are Violent

June 14, 2016

Clue if only

Islam is the most violent religion in the world. Indeed, Islam has been spread by violence since its inception. What explains this? Below are citations from the Quran. You can look each of these up at this official Islamic website, which includes six English translations of the Quran:


This is pretty straight forward folks. There are peaceful Muslims, but there is no such thing as peaceful Islam. Violence is not an aberration in Islam—it is DOCTRINE. Dozens of passages in the Quran exhort Muslims to hate or kill or terrorize infidels (non-Muslims) wherever they find them. For examples, see Suras 2:190-193, 2:216, 2:244, 3:56, 3:142, 3:151, 4:24 (rape of captive women); 4:34 (wife beating); 4:56, 4:74 (beheading), 4:76, 4:84, 4:89, 4:91, 4:95, 4:104,  5:32-38, 7:96-99, 8:12-15 (beheading, terrorism), 8:39, 8:57-60, 8:65-67, 9:5, 9:14, 9:20-30, 9:38-41, 9:73, 9:88, 9:111, 9:123, 17:16, 18:65-81, 21:44, 22:18-22, 25:52, 33:60-62, 47:3-4 (beheading), 47:35, 48:16-17, 48:29, 61:4, and 66:8-12. These are the passages that jihadists quote in defense of their horrible atrocities. Unlike the Old Testament, violence in the Quran is mostly open-ended, that is, not restrained by the historical context of the surrounding events.

Behind these overtly violent passages, there are underlying passages that shed light on these. For example, non-Muslims are considered pigs and apes (Suras 5:60, 7:166). A Muslim should not even take Jews or Christians for friends (Suras 3:28, 5:51). Unbelievers are Muslims’ “open enemies” (Sura 4:101). Apostate Muslims are subject the the worst penalties (16:106), which is why parents will disown or even kill a child that leaves Islam. (See the  riveting testimony of a former Muslim near the end of this article entitled “Jesus in the Quran.” Passages that demean women in various ways are almost too numerous to count. See:

Treatment of Women


While there are passages that Muslims point to that might suggest peaceful solutions (Suras 2:190, 2:256, 5:8, 5:28, 5:32, 8:61, 29:46, 41:34, 60:8, 109:6), these are overwhelmed by the violent ones. Indeed, the peaceful passages were abrogated (Sura 2:106, 13:39, 16:101, 17:106, 22:52), i.e. superseded, by the violent ones—because the violent ones were written later, after Muhammad’s move to Medina (from Mecca). Anyone who wants to commit acts of violence has perfect justification for doing so from the Quran. There is nothing in the Quran comparable to Jesus’ teachings to “turn the other cheek” and to “love even your enemies.”

Here is a short video on the Quran and its violent message:

Top Ten Passages


In addition to the Quran are the Sunnah (Hadith + Sira = “The Way of Muhammad”). These are collections of sayings and actions of Muhammad. Indeed, Muhammad was one of the most violent men in history, setting the example for all Muslims to follow. Some 13% of the Hadith is about jihad. An example is a statement by Muhammad found in the Bukhari Hadith 4.52.220, which says: “I have been made victorious with terror.” Over 93 times in the Quran, Muslims are commanded to follow the example of Muhammad. See this link (scroll down):

Religion of Peace


Some say that there must be a way to interpret the many violent commands in Islamic holy books in a peaceful way. Well, here is how world Islamic leaders interpret them, from the horse’s mouth:

Liberty and Islam Cannot Coexist


If you are not really familiar with the foundations and history of Islam, PLEASE look over this non-politically correct history of Islam:

The Greatest Murder Machine in History


Here are videos where you can see how everyday Muslims ADMIT to accepting violence because it is in their books:

Everyday Muslims Admit It


Here is an abbreviated list of terror attacks by Muslims since the 1980’s:

History of Terrorist Attacks


Here is the testimonies of former Muslims. These testimonies are powerful:

Former Muslim Testimonies


For more information, see our Faith Facts article:

Christianity Versus Islam



Violent Teachings of Muhammad

June 13, 2016


Like many Christians who have not studied the Bible, most Muslims have never really studied the Quran and hadith, especially not in context. They understand it based on what is taught to them by other Muslims they consider authorities, without using reason and individual research. (But those authorities have not really read the source texts either!) This is all about Theology from the Echo Chamber. Let’s go to the sources: The Quran (http://quran.com) and hadith (http://hadithcollection.com). The hadith consist of various sayings and teachings of Muhammad, compiled about 2-300 years after his death. These are considered very important supplements to the Quran, especially by Sunni Muslims.

For example, Muslims have been taught that Muhammad’s many battles were all defensive in nature, and that he even showed mercy to his enemies. But is that correct? Well, NO—it is not correct. Muslims are often horrified when they discover that reliable Muslim sources clearly document that Muhammad’s actions were offensive and not defensive. Let’s take a look.

Did you know that Muhammad said that he would fight people until they became Muslim or until he killed them and took their property? Muhammad said: “I have been ordered by Allah to fight against people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah’s Apostle, and offer the prayers perfectly and give the obligatory charity. . . then they will save their lives and property from me.” (Bukhari 1.2.24). Here is the reference which you can read for yourself:


Muhammad taught that the greatest thing a Muslim can do after having faith is to engage in jihad, which means “religious fighting.” (Bukhari 1.2.25) Read it here:


Also, read through Volume 4, Book 52, beginning with hadith #41, will confirm that jihad is fighting. http://hadithcollection.com/sahihbukhari/85-.html

Did you know that the earliest records show that Muhammad launched offensive military campaigns and used violence at times to accomplish his purposes? Even the first major battle in Islamic history, the Battle of Badr, was the result of Muhammad’s offensive effort against a Meccan caravan—the Nakhla raid (Bukhari 5.59.287 and Muslim 19:4366). See also Ibn Kathir’s book The Battles of the Prophet and the Quran 9:5, 9:29, and 9.111. Look up the hadith testimonies here:



Of course, this should not be surprising since many passages in the Quran exhort Muslims to hate or kill or terrorize infidels (non-Muslims) wherever they find them. See Suras 2:190-193, 2:216, 2:244, 3:56, 3:142, 3:151, 4:56, 4:74 (beheading), 4:76, 4:84, 4:89, 4:91, 4:95, 4:104, 5:51, 5:32-38, 7:96-99, 8:12-15 (beheading, terrorism), 8:39, 8:57-60, 8:65-67, 9:5, 9:14, 9:20-30, 9:38-41, 9:73, 9:88, 9:111, 9:123, 17:16, 18:65-81, 21:44, 22:18-22, 25:52, 33:60-62, 47:3-4 (beheading), 47:35, 48:16-17, 48:29, 61:4, and 66:8-12.

Did you know that one of many accounts of Muhammad’s violence—again, from a reliable Muslim source—includes a time when Muhammad ordered a warrior to assassinate a mother of five, Asma bint Marwin. She was breastfeeding a child when she was murdered, her blood splattering on her children. When the assassin told Muhammad he had difficulty with what he had done, Muhammad showed no remorse. (Ibn Ishaq/Guillaume, Life of Muhammad, p. 676. Also see Ibn Sa’d, Kitab al Tobaqat.)

Did you know that it is well documented that in the aftermath of the Battle of the Trench Muhammad captured and beheaded over 500 men and teenage boys for the Jewish tribe of Qurayza? And after the Muslims killed the men, they sold the women and children into slavery and distributed their goods among themselves? (Ibn Ishaq/Guillaume, Life of Muhammad, p. 464)


Did you know that Muhammad forced people to drink camel’s urine? (Bukhari 8.82.794 and Muslim 16.4130)

Did you know that Muhammad’s Quran condones rape of captured women, whose lives had just been destroyed, even if their husbands were still living? For example, Surah 4:24 says, “Forbidden for you are women already married, except such as your right hand possess. Allah has enjoined this on you.” See also Surahs 23:6 and 70:30, which meant that Muslim men could have intercourse with slave women that had been captured as spoils of war. (Other hadith gave the historical context, affirming rape. (Muslim 8.3432; Sunan Abu Daud 11.2150)

But that’s not all. All four major schools of Sunni and all three major schools of Shia teach that people who leave Islam must be killed for their apostasy. This comes, of course, from their holy books. There is a credible tradition in Islam that says that there are three specific reasons someone may be killed: murder, adultery, or leaving Islam (apostasy). See Quran 4:89 and 9:5, 12. In Bukhari 9.84.57 we find that Muhammad simply stated, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” Read it for yourself here:


Is this what Islam means by justice? Can you imagine these things ever happening in Christianity? For a further comparison of Islam and Christianity, go here. Be sure to “like” and “share” the site:

Islam vs. Christianity




Obama’s Bathroom Memes (FUNNY)

May 18, 2016

Obama bathrooms A

Obama bathrooms B


Obama bathrooms C


Obama bathrooms D



May 10, 2016

trump black and white

SALLY: Did you hear that Ted Cruz might get back in the race if he saw a path to victory?

TRUMPSTER: Just another lie by Cruz. What a loser, that Teddie Cruzer!

SALLY: Liar? Over 100 public lies have been documented from Trump’s lips, which I’d be glad to show you. If Cruz is such a liar, you should be able to name, let’s say, three of his lies. Can you name even one?

TRUMPSTER: Well, no. But Cruz has to be a liar because Trump said he is. I love Trump!

SALLY: Why is that?

TRUMPSTER: He is self-funded so is beholden to nobody.

SALLY: He just announced that he is no longer self-funded.

TRUMPSTER: Doesn’t matter! I love him anyway. He can beat Hillary.

SALLY: Dozens of polls say that he is behind Hillary.

TRUMPSTER: Ha! I get your pun. Doesn’t matter! He has to win. He’s the only one who has a spine. (And a BIG one, ha ha.)

SALLY: Have you thought about the possibility that he might have enough spine to name a liberal judge to the Supreme Court, which would be game over for the conservative movement? After all, he said his sister, who is a liberal judge, would make a great Supreme Court justice.

TRUMPSTER: Well, if Bobby Knight doesn’t even know what a conservative is, why should I care? Besides, Cruz’s wife worked for Goldman Sachs.

SALLY: Trump just hired a Goldman Sachs guy to be his finance chairman.

TRUMPSTER: Doesn’t matter! Trump’s the man! Besides, Cruz had lots of affairs.

SALLY: Do you care about the truth at all? That National Enquirer story proved to be false, you know. The owner of the National Enquirer is a good buddy with Trump. And Trump himself is a serial adulterer, which he as much as admitted in his books. I’d be glad to give you the quotes if you like.

TRUMPSTER: We are not electing a pastor! Besides, he says he is a Presbyterian.

SALLY: Trump said he never repents of any sins, so he cannot really be a true Christian.

TRUMPSTER: Doesn’t matter! Trump, Trump, and more Trump. He’s a great business man. That’s what we need.

SALLY: Do you really know that for sure? He refuses to release his financial statements.

TRUMPSTER: Doesn’t matter one bit! Trump is king. He will build a wall.

SALLY: There are reports that Trump told the NY Times in a private interview that he might not build that wall, and might not deport illegals after all.

TRUMPSTER: Doesn’t matter I tell ya’! Don’t you get this? Everybody who knows anything loves Trump!

SALLY: He has alienated large segments of Republicans with his insults and slander against his opponents. I know libertarians, Christian conservatives, women, and even the establishment crowd who say they can never vote for him. Indeed, he has actually only gotten 38% of the Republican vote!

TRUMPSTER: Doesn’t matter, damn it! Trump reminds me how angry I am. He is going to make America great again!

SALLY: Within days of winning Indiana, he started talking about defaulting on our debt, raising the minimum wage (which raises unemployment), changing his tax plan, courting Bernie voters, suggesting he might pick a Democrat as a running mate, supporting the LGBT crowd—not to mention that his economic nationalism could start a worldwide trade war and recession.

TRUMPSTER: I HATE YOU, you lying retard! You just don’t understand anything!



May 8, 2016


Trump might make a good president if he gets elected. The problem is we just don’t know. If he appoints even one liberal-leaning justice, game over for the conservative movement. If he incites a trade war or becomes a big government spender, game over for the economy. Voting for this candidate is like going to Vegas and betting your whole net worth on black.

I don’t think even Trump knows what he will do as President. He wakes up every morning with a different plan and new people to insult and against whom to bear false witness.  He shoots from the hip and changes his opinion on almost every issue. In his business dealings, he throws lots of mud against the wall and hopes that some of it sticks. If it doesn’t, he declares bankruptcy. That would be a hell of a way to run a government.

History never repeats itself exactly. We can only see glimpses of similarities. To me the eeriness of Trump vs. 1933 Germany is the nearly blind allegiance to a person who perpetrates anger and division in the name of nationalism—with no allegiance to the Constitution—and whose followers ignore the substance or implications of a message slithering out from an unrepentant personal moral history. Trump is so pathological that he uses lies as if this is a game of “To Tell the Truth.” The most amazing thing to me is how he gets his followers to blindly regurgitate his lies and hatred. This is proven over and over by interviews and discussions with Trump followers we have all had personally, and seen online.

I am not comparing Trump to Hitler’s genocidal tendencies. But another interesting parallel is that Hitler only got a third of the vote in 1932, but still managed to become Chancellor of Germany, being driven into power by zealous followers among political confusion. Trump has only gotten 38% of the popular vote among Republicans!

Now Trump wants us conservatives and others to bow at his feet and “unify.” This is especially outrageous, given the way he bullied his way to the nomination, trashing anyone in his path. He has alienated large swaths of Republicans—constitutional conservatives, biblical Christians, women, and the establishment crowd. He has proven an amazing ability to charge through, all the while leaving burned bridges in his wake.

It is not our responsibility to roll over at his feet. It is his responsibility to articulate a conservative, constitutionally based, unifying message without changing his mind five minutes later. We are demanding substance over aura, principle over blind allegiance—with a conciliatory attitude. We will not cave to this bully.



I’m Giving Up; Well Not Quite Yet

April 20, 2016

A very good friend of mine, who is a die-hard Republican told me today after New York: “Let’s just get this over and nominate Trump, so I can once-for-all give up on the Republican Party. For the first time we have a chance to vote for a true conservative. But Republicans are going for a carnival barker.”

I responded that we shouldn’t give up hope just yet. If we can get through next week, Cruz will have a great May heading into the convention. There is at least an even chance that Trump will be short of 1237 on the first ballot. And watch this really historic and inspiring speech by Ted Cruz:

This compares to Trump’s speeches, which go something like this:

“I. love New York. New Jersey. My casinos. I did great. Fantastic deal. I am. Super rich. But I HATE those women. Who are. Too ugly. To be President. Those liars too. Hate them. Hate them. I’m Presbyterian. Very very special people. But I will not repent. I love water boarding.  Make America. Great again!”

There are some things to like about Trump. Well, at least one–many Democrats hate him. But why doesn’t Trump ever talk about the Constitution, or big government, or free markets, or the Tenth Amendment, or the federal debt, or natural marriage? Why doesn’t he repudiate his liberal positions from the past? Why doesn’t he release his financial statements? Why does he spend more time making personal attacks than explaining policy details? Why? Why?