30+ Reasons for Obama Fans to Re-Consider

August 18, 2008

With evidence, logic, and references

the best summary of Obama’s politics on the web

By Charles Meek, Off-Grid Blogger

I was motivated to put this list together for a couple of reasons. First, I have heard some people say that they will vote for Barack Obama, but could not give any reasons why. But likewise, I have heard some people say they plan to vote against Obama, but again could not give any substantive reasons why. So I decided to put together solid information. Barack Obama has been objectively rated the single most liberal member of the US Senate: 100th out of 100. In fact, he has the most liberal voting record in US Senate history! Is this just so many words, or does it mean something? To our liberal friends: I know that your fundamental beliefs will be challenged here. But you are invited to respond, hopefully with logic and facts, not rants. Well, let’s take a look by categories.


1. Obama thinks the answer to high energy prices is to set our thermostats to a less comfortable level and inflate our tires. The fact is inescapable that liberal Democrats are obstructionists on energy and are squarely responsible for blocking all initiatives on energy policy. See http://archive.redstate.com/blogs/josh_painter/2008/jun/29/dems_to_america_no_you_cant. We will need between 16 and 20% more energy in the next 20 years (http://www.apienergyarcade.com/energyiq/). We need to move forward NOW to open drilling with modern environmental safeguards. We need more nuclear energy, more coal, more natural gas, and more oil. It is inexcusable that current government policy restricts access to 85% of potential offshore U. S. oil and natural gas development sites.

2. Obama is outright lying to the American people about taxing the middle class. He says he won’t raise taxes on the middle class. But he says he will take away the Bush tax cuts. That’s a tax increase, no matter how you spin it. Further, he has a free lunch syndrome: free college, free health care, free job training, free child care, more subsidized housing, government subsidized 401(k) plans, etc. Here’s a clue: There is no free lunch. According to the nonpartisan National Taxpayers Union, Obama’s fiscal agenda will cost $344 billion per year (http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=300409426744996). He is running on a campaign of higher payroll taxes, higher corporate taxes, higher income taxes, eliminating the Bush tax cuts, higher taxes on dividends, and higher capital gains taxes. In fact, see this link to understand why there are 4 ways that Obama’s plan actually RAISES taxes on the middle class: http://http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2116252/posts.  While I am fed up with Democrat’s and Republican’s continued failure to balance the budget, I have more hope for Obama’s opponent than for Obama. John McCain has been a long time champion against pork barrel spending, and has been a budget hawk more than most in Washington.

3. Obama’s tax policies will hurt the economy. Our economy is in a precarious situation. I think that if we falter here, a very serious recession is possible. Here is a most interesting comparison to the Depression era president Herbert Hoover. Hoover dramatically raised taxes in 1932 during the Depression, which economists now recognize as perhaps the biggest tax blunder in American history. This sucked money out of the productive economy. And there is more to compare with Herbert Hoover. According to the book How Capitalism Saved America by Thomas DiLorenzo, here are some things that Hoover stood for: labor union power (which slowed production during the Depression), minimum wages (which increased unemployment during the Depression), international tariffs via the “Smoot-Hawley-Hoover Act” (which slowed international trade during the Depression), and controls on industry including the electric power and oil industries (which depressed the economy further). Do these policies sound familiar? The segment of the economy that will be hurt the most is small business owners. He says he will “cut capital gains taxes for small businesses.” But small businesses DO NOT PAY CAPITAL GAINS TAXES; THEY PAY INCOME TAXES! My wife and I counted up; we regularly do business with over 2 dozen small business owners, and we hate to think how they will suffer under an Obama presidency.

Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.   —Ronald Reagan (1986)

4. Obama does not understand basic economics. His answer to any problem is a government solution. But remember this: Government does not produce anything; it only re-allocates, which is always subjective. The government’s role is to get out of the way so free enterprise will work best, while setting rules for fair play, that is, laws against fraud, collusion, etc. Ronald Reagan insisted that the best answer is “to get the government off the backs of the people.” Over time, the more capitalism is allowed to flourish, the better off everyone at every socio-economic level becomes. The goal of our economy is to produce more goods and services that people want at an affordable price. Anything that hinders that goal will hurt the economy. That’s why corporate taxes should be minimized, so production and employment are not hindered. His promise to tax corporations while not hurting the middle class is ignorant socialist ideology; any tax on corporations will effect anyone negatively who gets a paycheck from the company or buys products from the company! Individual taxes should be minimized, so people can buy what is produced (and still have something left to save). Thomas DiLorenzo in his book How Capitalism Saved America proves that every time that government has intervened with a solution to a problem (no matter how well-intentioned), it ends up making it worse. Before you challenge this, read this book. Every American ought to read it. Check out these essays from Investor’s Business Daily: http://www.ibdeditorials.com/series8.aspx.

Here’s my specific suggestion. As President, John McCain should appoint Congressman Ron Paul to head a special committee to examine ways to reduce the size of the federal government.

5.  Obama’s policies will hurt the two things we need the most right now: energy and capital. Obama’s answer for both of these needs is to tax them more. Look, the more you tax something, the less of it you get. For example, Obama favors a windfall profits tax on oil companies. Jimmy Carter tried an excess profits tax with devastating effects (http://www.taxhistory.org). It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. Carter’s experiment stopped domestic energy exploration and made America more dependent on foreign sources of oil.

6.  Obama wants to raise the capital gains tax. Our great financial institutions are struggling for capital, which they must have to get housing and other parts of our economy back on a solid footing. Our great banks are having to beg for capital from overseas sources. Just when we desperately need more capital formation, Obama wants to hinder that too by raising the capital gains tax. Obama is pushing nonsense, and it seriously threatens our economy. And by the way, your 401(k) will suffer as well.

7.  Obama’s attack on Exxon Mobil is misplaced and dangerous. We ask: why would Obama and the other liberals single out the oil industry for their vitriol? Here are some facts that will shock the liberals: All of the world’s top 10 largest oil and natural gas companies based on reserves are owned and operated by foreign governments (http://www.apienergyarcade.com/energyiq/index.html). American oil companies make about 9 cents in gross profit per dollar of sales. This is far below many other industries; for example, electronics companies make about 14 cents per dollar of sales. While Exxon Mobil earned $11 billion in the 2008 second quarter, they paid $32 billion in taxes! And Exxon Mobil employs 82,000 people. Exxon Mobil is GOOD for the economy, not BAD! Further, from 2000 through 2005, U. S. oil and gas companies invested over $75 billion dollars in emerging technologies in North America (such as biomass, wind, solar, alternative fuel vehicles, gas-to-liquids and oil shale.) Why would Obama want to kill the goose that is laying the golden egg (http://www.apienergyarcade.com/energyiq/)? Attacking the oil companies is what Venezuela does, not America!

8.  The liberals’ obstructionist attitude toward the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) is misplaced. The arctic has enough oil to meet America’s needs for 12 years (http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601082&sid=aqEDMhrCvp28). By the way, ANWR is a frozen tundra with no trees or rivers. The liberals’ (i.e. Obama and Company) consistent blocking of development there is based on false utopian ideas of pristine wilderness. Not only are these ideas false, oil development of the region would not spoil what is there. Development of ANWR will impact only about 2,000 acres of the 19.9 million acre refuge. Even the residents of the area support drilling there (http://www.anwr.org/people/people.htm). We are in a new era of demand from emerging nations that will overwhelm efforts at conservation, so we must DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW, and PAY LESS. McCain is playing politics on this too, but at least he supports drilling in the OCS.

9.  The solar solution is a no solution. Solar, the poster child for environmentalists, will account for only around 5% of U. S. energy needs by 2020 (http://www.apienergyarcade.com/energyiq/). It is not an energy savior. I have extensive personal knowledge of solar. Because of unique circumstances, my wife and I have to rely on a solar/wind installation for 100% of our power for our rural Texas home. While we feel fortunate to have it, I can tell you that off-grid power is so expensive that it will never pay for itself, no matter how high the price of grid power gets. And it is incredibly wasteful of resources. Environmental religionists conveniently ignore how much fossil fuel energy it took to mine the lead in our necessary 48 battery bank (each battery weighs 200 pounds), not to mention the fossil fuels expended in constructing the building to house the batteries, the resources to produce the solar panels or the large back-up generator to provide power (when there is inadequate sun and the batteries are depleted). We are so green we are in the red. The same objections can be said for battery powered cars.

10.  Extreme environmentalism will hurt the economy AND the environment. By the way, I am as much of an environmentalist as the next guy. I have worked to pass 3 pieces of environmental legislation in our region. Government does have a role to control what economists call “spillover costs,” the classic example being pollution. But the problem with extreme environmental positions is that they go beyond science to a utopian philosophy which pits capitalism against environmentalism. It is no accident that the country with the best environmental record is the USA, which happens to be the beacon of capitalism. The logic is simple: If you hurt the economy we cannot afford strong environmental controls.

11.  Extreme environmentalism is anti-poor. The poorer one is, the more ultra-environmentalism’s high gasoline costs damage the family budget. See http://www.gerrycharlottephelps.com/2008/06/core-says-globa.html.

12.  Extreme environmentalism is a utopian religion. 31,000 scientists have signed a petition doubting that global warming is man-made (http://www.tulsabeacon.com/?p=462). Here’s the way I see the ultra-environmentalist movement. When its proponents are unwilling to listen to contrary evidence, it ceases to be science. There is plenty of contrary evidence against Al Gore’s thesis. But it is accepted by many on faith in the face of evidence against it. Ultra-environmentalism must therefore be considered a fundamentalist religion. And Obama is a priest of its dogma. The evidence now strongly supports that carbon is NOT the culprit with global warming: http://michaelsavage.com/.


13.  Obama supports partial-birth abortion and infanticide. He is the most pro-abortion member of the Senate. He supports the late-term procedure known as partial-birth abortion, where the baby’s skull is stabbed with scissors while in the birth canal and the brains are sucked out to end its life swiftly and ease passage of the corpse into the pan. And get this: In the Illinois Senate in 2003, Obama voted against legislation protecting a child who was born alive despite an attempted abortion (the Induced Infant Liability Act). Here’s the audio where Obama is caught red-handed in his infanticide support: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypDwNpgIUQc. Note, we are discussing killing breathing kids. Here are the transcripts: http://www.redstate.com/diaries/redstate/2008/aug/21/in-2002-barack-obama-supported-infanticide-a/. You ought to check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfL_H7zg1QI&feature=related, but especially  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIdbYjmbFzo. Further, there is adequate evidence that he has tried to cover up his vote: http://www.nrlc.org/ObamaBAIPA/ObamaCoverup.html). This is the same legislation that passed unanimously in the U. S. Senate before Obama got there. Obama has promised Planned Parenthood that the first piece of legislation he will sign is the Freedom of Choice Act. This act would overturn every piece of state or federal legislation that puts any reasonable restriction on abortion. For example, it would overturn partial birth abortion restrictions, abortions after viability, abortions after the baby has a heartbeat and fingerprints, parental notification and consent legislation, inclusion of unborn children in health care plans, health and safety rules for abortion clinics, and required education and waiting periods for women wanting abortions. This is no longer merely a religious issue. Because science has allowed us to see the unborn baby in the womb (and doctors are now operating on unborn babies under 22 weeks of age), there is even now an emerging pro-life atheist movement. And it is no longer a Republican issue as many Democrats in the Congress are now pro-life and the majority of Americans want reasonable restrictions on abortion. Obama’s views are ghastly and out of the mainstream (http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/new.php?n=8482). His views would give the unborn baby, and even one born and breathing, the same consideration as a tumor or an inflamed appendix.

 14 week old baby in the womb, sucking her thumb.

14.  Obama’s views on abortion are anti-black. The National Black Pro-Life Union points out that Obama’s position on abortion supports the ideas of racist Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood: (http://www.nationalblackprolifeunion.com/). Margaret Sanger was an advocate of racial cleansing. Based on current trends, 2 million black babies would be aborted during an Obama term.

15.  Obama is anti traditional family. The importance of the traditional family cannot be minimized. Listen up women: Barack Obama struggled over whether marriage had become “an outdated institution.” See:(http://campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=OTRhNzk0YzI5OTQ2M2Q0ODRlMWRjYjFmODI5NDgxMzU=). And further denigrating the institution of marriage, Obama supports gay marriage. Barack Obama supports the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (http://www.onenewsnow.com/Election2008/Default.aspx?id=208420). Whenever it goes to a vote, Americans usually vote 2 to 1 against gay marriage. Obama wants to appoint judges that will force gay marriage on us. This whole debate is based on the idea that some people are born gay. That idea has no basis in science, which homosexual activists are now acknowledging (http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/aug/08080605.html)!! The real problem for those in a homosexual lifestyle is not discrimination, but rather physical devastation: shorter life span, more disease, etc. (http://www.familyresearchinst.org/). The real bottom line is surprisingly simple: Every child has the right to a mother and a father. Statistics confirm that children do much better in a traditional family.


16.  Obama has a dangerously naïve view of the War on Terror. His approach has been to pull out of Iraq immediately and focus our efforts on prosecuting terrorists through the courts. Think about this. We only get the opportunity to prosecute terrorists through the courts after they have committed an act of terror, and then only if we can catch them. Prosecuting the terrorists who committed the World Trade Center bombings did not prevent 9/11. One of the masterminds of the World Trade Center bombing who successfully avoided the law was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khalid_Shaikh_Mohammed). He became the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks and several other terrorist acts. While none of us like the war in Iraq, the facts are clear: President Bush has prevented further terrorist attacks on our soil for 7 years. As Ann Coulter said, “Produce one person who believed, on Sept. 12, 2001, that there would not be another attack for 7 years, and I’ll consider downgrading Bush from ‘Great” to ‘Really Good’.”

17.  He has a dangerously utopian view of evil, similar to others on the far left. Evidence for this is that he opposes the Patriot Act and the missile defense system. He thinks that we can just all be nice guys and get along. All of history proves this to be wrong. The great American leaders have had one thing in common: the willingness to stand boldly against evil. Think of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan. Barack Obama would sell the American soul to the forces of evil in a utopian dream. The danger of this cannot be overstated. See this link:


18.  Obama refuses to acknowledge the success of The Surge. He implies that we were just lucky that the locals turned against Al Qaeda and the Sunni insurgents. He refuses to give credit to our tremendous fighting men and women in Iraq. This infuriates me. America has kicked butt in Iraq and beaten the insurgents. While one can argue whether we should have gotten into Iraq in the first place, it was crucial to win in order that terrorists not regain momentum. If he can’t admit the surge worked after the fact, how can voters count on him to keep his mind open to the facts on other important foreign-policy decisions?

19.  Hamas has endorsed Barack Obama for American President (http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives2/2008/04/020315.php). Certainly, the American people should take note of this. This says something very frightening about Obama.

20.  Obama said he would meet without pre-conditions with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a man who has vowed to obliterate Israel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Ahmadinejad). (Being consistently stupid, he also would meet with other lunatics like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jung Il.) This appeasement strategy may sound reasonable to some, but again it is a dangerously naïve view of the War on Terror. Prior to World War II, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neville_Chamberlain) took a similar approach to Hitler. At the time, Hitler’s position of authority was weak as he was appointed Chancellor while his Nazi party only had 37% of the votes. Chamberlain’s visit to Hitler in Germany strengthened Hitler’s prestige and power and this policy of appeasement ultimately weakened the Allies’ preparedness. Even Obama’s Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton warned against Obama’s approach to appeasement of this extraordinarily dangerous Iranian leader. Obama must be criticized for not learning from history.



21.  Obama supports the liberal view of “two Americas,” making a mokery of his goal to bring Americans together. Have you noticed how some liberals, though certainly not all, tend to vilify successful men and institutions? This classism is exactly the wrong approach. Instead of tearing down the successful, we ought to use them as models of encouragement for those who need a lift. In my generation, kids were taught that we could achieve anything we set our mind on. We looked up to the successful among us. This is the positive and uplifting uniquely American message of upward mobility. As Cal Thomas says (http://www.calthomas.com/index.php?news=2294), “America once was a country of overcomers. Today, we are not about overcoming. The successful are not studied to see how they succeeded. Their stories of overcoming obstacles are not told, at least in their totality…Obama’s economic doctrine subsidizes people who make wrong decisions and does little to encourage them to make right ones.” This is a trait of tyrannical governments, not of the America that I know. I want to see leaders that encourage every American to work hard and make personal and family decisions that improve their chance of success, rather than preaching negativism, that the successful are to be punished, that success is beyond one’s control because of race, class, poverty, etc.

22.  Obama said that small-town Americans “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them” out of bitterness over lost jobs. I must say, this statement stunned me. Those who say that he is a liberal elitist have evidence to back it up. Such comments are especially telling coming from a man who claims to be bringing Americans together. This is not healthy. I want to see America ONE Nation under God again, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder against evil and toward noble shared goals such as going to the moon and energy independence.

23.  Obama’s view of America is consistent with the America-haters he has associated with. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his pastor for 20 years, is a prime example. Wright’s Black Liberation Theology is essentially a combination of Marxism and white hatred in a religious coat. This “theology” is based on Professor James Cone views, which are says “To be black is to be committed to destroying everything this country loves and adores.” (http://www.traditionalvalues.org/modules.php?sid=3386) Along with Rev. Wright’s hateful comments about America we note Michelle Obama’s comments about how she has never before been proud of her country. Let’s not forget Louis Farrakhan, Supreme Minister of the Nation of Islam, a severe critic of American society. Then there is the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/04/17/ayers-and-obama-what-is-t_n_97204.html). It seems that Senator Obama lives in a world of hatred and distrust toward America. How can we expect to get anything better if he is President? Incidentally, Obama reportedly regularly carries a Hindu monkey god charm (http://www.traditionalvalues.org/modules.php?sid=3394).



24.  Obama is a radical leftist-socialist. Obama’s idea of boilerplate redistribution of wealth is pure socialism. One of Obama’s favorite terms is “ensuring economic justice.” This is code for socialism. It also means, “Let’s get the successful peopel and the corporations.” To a very real degree, when companies large and small thrive, so does the entire economy. Obama’s leftist views were developed by a cadre of socialist/communist associations in his life, as proven by Jerome Corsi in his book The Obama Nation. In a Wall Street Journal interview, Senator Obama discussed his view that we are in a “winner take all” economy, in which “the gains from economic growth skew heavily toward the wealthy.” This is a comment that has been heard in every Marxist country. Americans should take note that the Communist Party USA likes Obama: http://www.onenewsnow.com/Election2008/Default.aspx?id=210820. No good way has ever been found to enforce limits on income and wealth. Every well-meant effort (Marxism, high taxes, government regulation, etc.) has done far more harm than good. Of course, he supports universal health care since everyone has a right to it. By this same logic, everyone has a right to housing and food, so should we support universal federal housing and food? Wise men understood the problem with this thinking. Winston Churchill said, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.” John F. Kennedy said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Obama’s attack on the successful is not justice. The top 5% of earners already pay 60% of the taxes. Using the power of government to take from some people to give to others is theft! And it takes America down a path to a socialistic second-rate economy.

   Obama crony Bill Ayers

25.  The comments Obama has made about ignoring the Constitution are alarming: http://www.floppingaces.net/2008/06/20/obama-the-living-constitution-and-the-socialization-of-america/. His stated criterion for appointing judges is that they have “empathy.” Good night, nurse! The President of the United States does not promise to uphold empathy but to uphold the Constitution ! Obama supports letting judges void mortgage contracts. America is based on the rule of law and thus the validity of contracts. If we start voiding contracts, where do we stop? This is the road to tyranny!

26. Obama supports the failed education policies of the past. His support of education labor unions is unwavering. This education bureacracy has led to one of the worst school systems in the world by every statistical measure. What is Obama’s answer: more of the same. He wants to spend billions for pre-school education at government expense. Endocrinating young school kids is what dictatorships always try. It is not in keeping with a free society. Education is like all other endeavors – the more you socialize it, the worse it performs. Obama was a committee chairman in the Illinois Senate that wanted to push sex ed on kindergartners: http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/fulltext.asp?DocName=&SessionId=3&GA=93&DocTypeId=SB&DocNum=99&GAID=3&LegID=734&SpecSess=&Session=. See also: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2083157/posts.

27.  Obama is proving to be a FLIPPER worse than John Kerry. Here’s a list of things he has changed his mind on: offshore drilling, a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, the Surge, whether the Iranian Quds Force is a terrorist group, immunity for telecom companies participating in the Terrorist Surveillance Program, warrantless wiretapping, campaign finance, free trade, NAFTA, gun control, corporate tax rates, Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, merit pay for teachers, accepting public campaign money, disavowing Jeremiah Wright, flag pins, Social Security, and the list keeps growing: http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=298769662128800,  http://www.newsmax.com/morris/Obama_Flip_Flops/2008/07/16/113485.html, and here’s more: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121685888325079319.html?mod=djemEditorialPage. What next? Not only that, he refuses to explain these changes as if nobody noticed. He seems to be for change all right – for changing his mind. The real issue here is whether Obama is a man of principles or a man of expediency and politics as usual. I think he’s a phony. We know what he really believes. Remember that 100 out of 100 ranking?


28.  He has said that he will deal with street level drug dealing as a “minimum wage affair.” What?? He has admitted using illegal drugs marijuana and cocaine in high school and college. The key word here is illegal.

29.  He voted NO on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers. I guess he thinks that car manufacturers are guilty of drunk driving too.

30.  He supports giving drivers’ licenses and extending welfare and Social Security to illegal immigrants. The key word here is illegal.


31.  Obama is inexperienced. Even he has admitted that his experience makes him unqualified: http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2008/06/barack-obama-says-he-is-not-experienced.html.




Mr. Meek is a retired investment advisor. He and with his wife Cindy now operate a Christian apologetics website www.faithfacts.org, which focuses on examining religion from the standpoint of reason and evidence. Note: This article is available in PDF format on request at cmeek01@msn.com.


  1. Interesting snark.

    I do wish you would expand the discussion of McCain’s plan to tax the health benefits of working folks.

  2. Wow, after reading this (and the substantiating evidence provided) I have to say I am a bit nervous! The segment about the family and ethical issues, and the national security gave me chills. Actually, just about the whole thing gave me chills.

    Great article!

  3. What a wonderful and informative read ……… I so enjoyed every word. I will pass on – AND, I will save to read again. Thanks for sharing !! MORE, please ….


  4. This letter sounds frighteningly similar to Barack Hussein Obama. It appeared on the Editorial Page of the Richmond Times-Dispatch July 7, 2008.

    Editor: Times-Dispatch

    Each year I get to celebrate Independence Day twice. On June 30 I celebrate my independence day and on July 4 I celebrate America ‘s. This year is special because it marks the 40th anniversary of my independence.

    On June 30, 1968 , I escaped Communist Cuba and a few months later I was in the United States to stay. That I happened to arrive in Richmond on Thanksgiving Day is just part of the story, but I digress.

    I’ve thought a lot about the anniversary this year. The election-year rhetoric has made me think a lot about Cuba and what transpired there. In the late 1950’s, most Cubans thought Cuba needed a change, and they were right. So when a young leader came along, every Cuban was at least receptive.

    When the young leader spoke eloquently and passionately and denounced the old system, the press fell in love with him. They never questioned who his friends were or what he really believed in. When he said he would help the farmers and the poor and bring free medical care and education to all, everyone followed. When he said he would bring justice and equality to all, everyone said “Praise the Lord”. And when the young leader said, “I wil be for change and I’ll bring you change, everyone yelled, “Viva Fidel!”

    But nobody asked about the change, so by the time the executioner’s guns went silent the people’s guns had been taken away. By the time everyone was equal, they were equally poor, hungry, and oppressed. By the time everyone received their free education it was worth nothing. By the time the press noticed, it was too late, because they were now working for him. By the time the change was finally implemented Cuba had been knocked down a couple of notches to Third-World status. By the time the change was over more than a million people had taken to boats, rafts, and inner tubes. You can call those who made it ashore anywhere else in the world most fortunate Cubans. And now I’m back to the beginning of my story.

    Luckily, we would never fall in America for a left leaning young leader who promised change without asking, what change? How will you carry it out? What will it cost America?

    Would we?

    Manuel Alvarez, Jr.

  5. I’m in the process of writing Baroque Obozo’s unauthorized biography….”The Manchurian Pickaninny”

  6. Why do we the people allow our government unlimited ability to tax us. I believe there are maximum limits on tax rates at the local level, but taxes at the Federal and State level are unfetered. It’s time for a constitutional amendment that limits the rate and types of tax and requires a balanced budget.
    I am sick and tired of hearing politicians promise, promise, promise and then look for minority groups (smokers, drinkers, wealthy, etc) to tax while they run up outrageous deficits.

  7. This is great!

  8. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison both voted FOR the bailout last night.

    Today I dropped my support of Sen Cornyn and his re-election to the post of Senator, and I sent the Cornyn campaign and Sen Cornyn himself an email letting them know, it can be read in the thread linked above.

    In a very short time I was contaced by Vincent Harris, wanting my phone number, their campaign manager wanted to talk to me, and I told him NO, I could not, and would not support ANY candidate that voted to bailout $700B, a figure that is still low, actual figures are reported closer to $820B, and that I was pulling their logo from TexasFred’s, The American Conservative and The Texas Connection, and I did.

    Jimmy Kerr of But That’s Just My Opinion posted a message in my comments saying he had done the same thing. Jimmy and I are trying to contact and encourage as many Texas bloggers as possible to contact Vincent and let him know that YOU are doing the same thing as well, lets send Cornyn a HUGE, Texas sized message!

    Please, if you believe that this is a very important issue, PLEASE contact Vincent and tell him that you’re dropping the logo too, and ask to be removed from their blog roll, no LINK is that important, request that your blog be taken OFF of their roll…

    Contact Vincent here:


  9. Is it too late to chuck McCain and Obama and go find some qualified candidates? I never thought I’d say this but Hillary Clinton is looking pretty good right now (figuratively, not literally.)

  10. Thanks alot Charles, for your awesome blog. I must say that your reasons are well laid out, include references, and are the most logical and complete compilation of B. O.’s shortcomings that I have ever found in one place. However the one reason that I will not be voting for B. Hussien Obama that you did not include could very well be the most important (for me anyway) and that is the appointment of Supreme Court Justices that will take place during his reign of terror. I am sure that you realize that he will probaly appoint at least 2 justices and possible 3 or more. What direction will his appointees send this nation? Futher and further down the road to socialism is what I envision. Am I wrong with this prediction??, I think not. Thanks though for your great blog! I especially liked the videos that you included on your site. By the way if you still have any investment advise in these perilous times I could sure use it right about now. Thanks in advance for any reply to my comments!

  11. I’m sorry i disagree. Look at what George Bush did for us and look what obama has already fixed! Obama is a great guy and president. you guys/gals are lucky to have this man as president! those cartoons are very hurtful to obama and those supporting. AMERICA YOU VOTED FOR THE MAN RIGHT, WHY CHANGE??????

  12. i’m not totally against gay marriage, coz gay persons need to be happy to .

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