Looking Into the Abyss of Obama’s America

October 20, 2010

The following is part of the conclusion of David Limbaugh’s 2010 book Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama. This book may become a classic in the annals of political reporting. After 386 pages of extensively footnoted documentation of the record of President Obama, he offers this summary. The scariest part is not just what Obama has done, but what lies ahead:

“This book has meticulously documented Obama’s efforts to systematically undermine America’s founding principles and its heritage of liberty in his quest to transform our economy and very form of government. The facts speak for themselves, as does Obama’s destructive record.

For all the posturing about bipartisanship and his openness to all ideas, this book has shown just how partisan, close minded, and determined he is to implement his agenda at any cost. And it has detailed the deplorably corrupt and high-handed tactics he has used in the process.

Obama doesn’t listen to the people; he brazenly ignores our wishes, indeed our pleas, that he cease and desist from his reckless course. But far from showing the normal concern a politician—even a statesman—would have toward his own rising unpopularity, Obama moves forward at double-time pace, never looking back and never revealing the slightest inkling of self-doubt—an alleged trait of George W. Bush that earned him the Left’s everlasting contempt.

In his monomania for socialism, Obama will brook no challenge. In response to the miserable results of his economic charlatanism, he maintains things would have been much worse without his initiatives. And after he failed to keep his grandiose promises to improve American diplomacy, he gave us more of the same: weak-kneed engagement and Chamberlainesque appeasement. In the meantime he continues to insult and sell out our allies and coddle our enemies, as Iran races unimpeded to cross the nuclear threshold.

Does it worry him that America is in decline under his leadership? Obviously not, as he voices contempt for American exceptionalism and pledges to rectify our allegedly unfair consumption of the world’s resources. In fact, one can’t help but notice that a declining America actually meshes with his ideology quite well.

His colossally wasteful stimulus and mortgage bailout packages, along with his foisting nationalized healthcare on this nation, are just the beginning. He is hell-bent on passing a cap and trade bill that will further destroy our prospect for economic recovery and future growth. His plan to boost taxes, including a possible VAT, is also on the front burner, and we shouldn’t be surprised if he ultimately tries to enact a wealth tax whereby he taxes not just our income and sales transactions, but our constitutionally protected private property. Many reasonably fear their pension funds are vulnerable and ripe for the taking. If that happens, you can be sure the debt-exploding Obama will insist he’s doing us a favor by confiscating our life’s earnings to rectify the debt crisis for which he himself is largely responsible. Small businesses and producers everywhere wait in anxiety for the next series of shoes to drop from the socialist centipede of Obama’s agenda.

If all this weren’t bad enough, his ‘urgent’ push for comprehensive immigration reform has just gotten underway. Expect this initiative to be loaded with more than the normal amount of demagoguery and populism, as this supposedly post-racial president plays the race card on steroids en route to decimating the rule of law and what remains of America’s unique culture. 

Some maintain Obama is intentionally wreaking havoc on America as part of a Cloward-Piven or Alinskyite strategy to manufacture a crisis in order to destroy the nation as we know it and rebuild it in a socialist image. Others argue Obama just believes so deeply in socialist dogma that he is impervious to the manifest evidence of its failure. Regardless of which scenario may be correct, the outcome would be the same.

Americans, even former skeptics on the right side of the aisle, should now understand how committed Obama is to his far-left agenda. They should finally grasp how far the Left is willing to go when they’re in power. Their talk of moving past divisive partisanship is a veneer designed to cover their radical designs. They are precisely the opposite of what they hold themselves out to be: freedom loving, compassionate, pro-economic growth, bullish on America, democratic, tolerant, and compromising. 

America is in a dangerously rapid nosedive under Obama’s navigation. The key to our delivery from this systematic assault is for the American people to understand Obama’s extremist agenda, to get engaged, and to do everything we can to peaceably remove him and his supporters from office at election time and replace them with constitution-revering, liberty-loving public servants who respect the rule of law.”

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