Ron Paul’s Crazy Libertarianism

December 30, 2011

We did a series back in February on libertarianism. Ron Paul’s ascendency in Iowa begs that we revisit this issue.

I recently told a friend that I might hold my nose and vote for Ron Paul because he is the only one talking about drastically cutting the federal bureaucracy. I take it all back! The more we learn about this guy, the more troubling are his views.

We argued in our series that libertarianism is based on a moral foundation of sand. And that is exactly what Paul’s views reflect. On the surface, conservatives ought to like him. He says he is for the Constitution and for smaller government. But let’s see where this leads us.

He says he is against the federal government making laws on morality. But this is a sham. Every law reflects somebody’s ideas of right and wrong, and thus all laws are in some sense moral statements. For example, Paul says that the abortion question should be left to the states because there is no authority for a pro-life law in the Constitution. Would he vote for a law in his own state of Texas that outlaws abortion? We doubt it, if his libertarian views are consistent. He claims to be pro-life, but on what moral basis does he say that and to what extent should it be fixed into law? Should murder not be a federal offense?

Ron Paul also has stated that there should be no “age of consent law” in the federal statutes. In other words, Paul says that it should be OK by federal law for a 24 year old man to convince a 10 year old girl to have sex. When pressed on this issue and other similar issues, Paul says that the states should have no such laws either!

We presume that Paul thinks that the federal government should not have outlawed polygamy. This would be consistent with his libertarian views. Would he vote for a state law against polygamy? (Any such laws for a libertarian would be completely arbitrary.)

What about slavery? Should that be a state-only issue too?

Here are some other things about Ron Paul:

  • He left the Republican Party to run as a Libertarian in the 1980’s because he did not like Ronald Reagan.
  • He was the only member of the House of Representatives to vote against a 2005 resolution condemning Ahmadinejad’s call to “wipe Israel off the map” and a 2009 resolution “expressing support” for Iranian pro-democracy demonstrators.
  • He has intimated, on more than one occasion, that the United States is to blame for the 9/11 massacre.
  • In the 1990’s he wrote a newsletter that had multiple vividly racist statements, a fact for which he acknowledges he holds “some” responsibility. (Some responsibility? These letters came out under his signature.) Apparently the American Nazi party supported Ron Paul.
  • He has said that the United States had no business being in World War II.
  • He is an active pork obtainer and sees this as consistent with his other views.
  • He is for legalizing all drugs.
  • He is weak on traditional marriage, and even though a professing Christian he is unwilling to acknowledge homosexuality as a sin.

Folks, this guy is NUTTY, and a very dangerous man. It is pretty hard to tell many of his ideas from liberals like Michael Moore! I have been listening to various talk shows lately. The Paulites are calling in droves to support this nut. It is amazing how blinded they are to the facts when presented to them.

Here’s a link to an inside look at Ron Paul: https://www.facebook.com/notes/republican-security-council/the-inside-story-why-a-ron-paul-disciple-left-his-ranks/239017422864103

Here is a link to our article on libertarianism (or just scroll down): https://offgridblogger.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/a-critical-review-of-libertarianism/.

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