The Holy Trinity of Liberalism

March 2, 2012

There is a Holy Trinity of Liberalism: Utopian Control, Moral Subjectivism, and Holy Mother Earth.

We believe that this trinitarian proposition summarizes the dogma of liberalism. But let’s dig deeper to see the tenacles of the beast. Liberals have been successful in deceiving people into thinking that they are moral, compassionate, tolerant, just, and logical. Nothing could be further from the truth. Consider these points:

  • Desire for control. This desire is ultimate; Nietzsche taught that there is no truth—that power is everything.
  • Desire for freedom from moral authority. Beneath their rhetoric you ultimately find a demand for free sex and drugs without consequences. How else can one explain their insistence on abortion even in the face of modern sonogram technology that proves the fetus is a living human being? (What do you think is ultimately behind Georgetown law school student Sandra Fluke’s demand in March 2012 for “free” birth control? See Who Hasn’t Slept with Sandra Fluke?)
  • Blind faith that government can cure all ills.  Their utopian view of the world is shared by communists and Muslims, which have always produced failed states and misery for their people. Statism is inherently inefficient, produces little, takes resources from the productive economy, and is therefore detrimental to growth and the welfare of its people.
  • Worship of Mother Earth. This, of course, is a pagan idea. Rick Santorum  recently created a flap when he accused President Obama of holding to a religion other than the Bible, with a clear reference to Obama’s environmentalism. Liberals’ continued insistence on man-made global warming despite a lack of evidence for it, is nothing but blind faith.
  • Belief that man is basically good, or at least perfectible by law. This is in stark contrast to the Christian idea that man is sinful. All of history proves them wrong, and Christianity right.
  • Institutionalized theft in the name of fairness. During the 2008 campaign, ABC’s Charlie Gibson asked candidate Back Obama if he would raise capital gains taxes even if, as in the past, it brought in less revenue to the federal government. Yes, said Obama. “I would look at raising the capital gains tax for purposes of fairness.”
  •  A distorted view of “rights.” Consider this: Why does the proclaimed right of Sandra Fluke for free birth control trump the right of  Georgetown Law Center (a Jesuit institution) to not pay for birth control?

This list could go on, but let’s summarize.

Liberal thought is often opposed to objective moral values, is opposed to a moral authority above itself, and is thus opposed to unalienable rights from God. It is demonstrably true that little is sacred with liberalism outside of one’s personal subjective feelings or political power—not the Bible, not the Constitution, not the Rule of Law, not natural law, nor even life itself. Thus liberalism is the least likely system to honor the inherent worth of the individual—and the most likely to harm the most vulnerable in society such as the expendable elderly and the innocent unborn.

While liberals may be moral and well-intentioned in their own lives, their views are logically inconsistent and not consistent with what is good. Liberalism institutionalizes poverty and sloth. In actuality liberals are working to tear down or distort everything that is good and elevate what is evil—including in art, music, culture, business, politics, science, sexuality, education, truth, beauty, justice, morality, and logic. So ironically liberalism is neither moral, compassionate, tolerant, nor effective. Christian capitalism is the most moral, offers true compassion, leads to the most freedom, is the best steward of the environment, and produces the most economic benefits for society.







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