Top 10 Reasons to Love Obama

May 27, 2012

Here are my Top 10 Reasons to Love Barack Obama:

  1.  He has brought Americans together.
  2.  He has put people back to work.
  3.  He has solved the debt crisis with his frugal spending on only legitimate functions of the federal government.
  4.  He has delivered on his promises of an open, transparent, and efficient bureaucracy.
  5.  He has enhanced the relationships with America’s friends abroad.
  6.  He has terrified our enemies.
  7.  He has elevated Muslims and put those pesky Christians that cling to their guns and religion in their place.
  8.  He has strengthened the foundation of marriage.
  9.  He has honored our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  10.  He always tells the truth.

Uh, well, on second thought, see my other list below.

One comment

  1. Excellent list. This says it all!

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