The Downward Spiral of ObamaCare

July 1, 2012

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” — Benjamin Franklin

The goal of government healthcare to expand coverage for uninsured people is a noble goal. But like all liberal utopian schemes it ultimately hurts more than it helps. Remember these facts about government involvement in healthcare:

  1. It doesn’t reduce the cost. (The only way it could do so is to set prices arbitrarily lower than market prices. Such action always has severe negative consequences by reducing incentives for businesses to provide services. Just like in real estate, if you impose rent controls, developers won’t build apartments.) RomneyCare in Massachusetts proves that interference into healthcare by government greatly increases cost!
  2. It doesn’t create more supply. One study showed that 45% of doctors would consider leaving their practice under ObamaCare. We need  more doctors, more hospitals, more new drugs, more nurses—not fewer.
  3. It doesn’t improve the quality of healthcare. (Unless 16,000 new IRS agents will produce healthcare services!) 
  4. It doesn’t offer the consumer more choice. Less freedom is never the answer; it is the problem.

Government involvement in an industry is a downward spiral to destruction. What would improve the quality, lower the cost, restore patient dignity, give us more freedom and choice, and expand coverage? Answer: 4 C’s of Quality Healthcare–

  1. Competition. We could encourage competition by allowing health insurance to be purchased across state lines.
  2. Cash. If you take the middle man (insurance companies) out of the equation as much as possible, you obviously lower the cost. Health Savings Accounts are a way to do that.
  3. Catastrophic Insurance. Encouraging high deductible insurance will lower the cost of insurance.
  4. Charity. Instead of discouraging faith based and professional groups to organize to provide money and services for care, we should encourage it.

Check out these links:



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There’s more. Here’s how ObamaCare crushes the middle class:


Still more. Why the WSJ chief economist says that 75% of ObamaCare costs fall on those earning less than $120,000:



  1. You are exactly right. This bill has been bait-and-switch all along. This bill is a travesty and will bankrupt our country. I may be naive but I believe Romney when he says he will dismantle Obamacare. Electing him is imperative to our survival as a Republic.

  2. Obama thinks there are 57 states and then lets his handlers try to convince the world it was a flub. Has he ever corrected himself?

    Obama has over ????? people in his association that have died. How many people have more than twenty people the associate with that are dead, as in killed and/or suspicious deaths, by the time they are fifty? Not many.

    Obama despises and mocks large families and thinks Americans should be forcefully discouraged not to have large families by attempting to control the family not being able to drive around town together. (in same speech as the inflate tires speech)

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