Open Letter to Liberal Churches: A Dirty Dozen Questions on Social Issues

June 8, 2013

Liberal Christians have much that you can teach us conservatives. Your passion for loving thy neighbor is admirable. But, TRUTH MATTERS. So I’ve got a few questions for you:

1. Have you let the culture influence you rather than the other way around? If so, how is that biblical?

2. Are you offering a message of hope and forgiveness (from the pulpit) through repentance and faith to those who may have strayed—on these issues: Adultery, Homosexuality, and Abortion? Remember, there are two sides to sin—the sin itself, and the recovery and healing.

3. Do you care about the TRUTH of homosexuality, or just your idealized vision of it? Statistics clearly show that this lifestyle is a horribly destructive behavior physically, emotionally, spiritually—that it is marked by early death, disease, disappointment, promiscuity, perversity, addiction, and misery. The truth is that the real threat to persons in the homosexual lifestyle is not discrimination, but physical devastation. How compassionate is it really to encourage this lifestyle?

4. Do you care that you have been lied to by the politically correct crowd about being “born that way”—since all of the evidence points to the fact that there IS NO GAY GENE and that many many people really do leave the homosexual lifestyle completely?

5. Can you see that marriage is a God-given institution between one man and one woman—a fundamental institution so important to society and the raising of children that no government has the right to take it away? Can you see that the gay marriage issue is society’s attempt to marginalize Christianity, even making the Bible HATE SPEECH and thus a crime? Can’t you see where this is leading us on our precious religious liberty?

6. Are there some sins that you are willing to preach against, but arbitrarily white-wash other sins from your preaching and teaching? Would you preach the truth even if it cost you membership in your church—or even your job?

7. Do you acknowledge, even out of the corner of your eye, that the Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is not only a sin, but a heinous one often presented along with others in the context of idolatry? “Woe to those who call evil good (Isaiah 5:20).”

8. What right do you have to arbitrarily ignore anything that God has commanded or spoken? They are HIS rules, after all, not yours. If you are going to throw out some of what He commanded, what’s to stop you from throwing out other parts you don’t like? How is this helping the Christian cause? Are you effectively telling non-Christians that they can be the judges of which parts of the New Testament to follow?

9. Are you willing to publicly admit that abortion is murder, since it is both medically and theologically true that it takes a human life? (How about the Sixth Commandment?) What twisting of logic have you used to convince yourself that you have to leave this one alone?

10. How does your view of compassion for the “least of these” square with the fact that the most dangerous place to be for an innocent unborn child is in her mother’s womb? If you could have saved the life of even a single child from abortion by speaking out, isn’t the blood of that child on your hands?

11. Is your big tent big enough to include a conservative with a biblical worldview? Or is your big tent really just an arbitrary and hypocritical excuse to surround yourself with people holding to your own political views? Is your passion for tolerance limited to those you arbitrarily choose to tolerate?

12. Can you see that the decline in mainline denominations is consistent with your caving on the social issues? Are you really leading people to Christ or giving them a mixed message and false conversion while aiding the decline of Christianity in America?

For statistics, studies, and sources, see the Christianity and Culture section of Faith Facts:


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