Advice for the Young on ObamaCare

December 5, 2013

If I were a young person, I would think twice about signing up for ObamaCare. Besides the healthcare.gov website being a huge hassle, here are some reasons to just BLOW IT OFF:

  • It is not worth the price you are being charged to pay for yourself AND us older folks who don’t need your help, AND pay for a lot of things you don’t need that are required in ObamaCare policies (like sex-change operations).
  • Not only are you paying for old people’s healthcare, you will be paying an estimated 18% more for insurance over your lifetime. It’s a bad deal! In other words, ObamaCare is not simply redistribution—the young and healthy paying for the sick and old—it is a RIP-OFF!
  • If you contract a disease sometime in the future, you can sign up then. The law requires that insurance companies accept people with pre-existing conditions!
  • You DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THE PENALTY tax for not signing up! It can only be levied against your tax withholding. So all you have to do to avoid the tax is adjust your withholding so there is no tax refund due at the end of the year. Duh!
  • Your personal information is not safe! If you are concerned that potential employers can access your Facebook page and use whatever you have there against you in the future, ObamaCare is worse. Reports are out now that security was not built into the healthcare.gov website at all! Anybody could end up with details about you, your Social Security number, your health records, etc.
  • You are contributing to Big Government controlling your life. (You are finally out from under your parents only to be manipulated by Uncle Sam!) Trust, me. If you let Obama get away with this, you will be a servant to the state your whole life.

Here’s an alternative. Let’s say you are 30 years old. It is unlikely that you will have major medical expenses until you reach 50. So you have 20 years to save up. Let’s further say that you were previously paying $300 per month for health insurance. Under ObamaCare your premiums are now $500 per month.

Instead of sending the monthly check down Obama’s rat hole, save it. Assuming a mere 3% interest earned on your savings, you will have $164,000 saved up by age 50. Then buy insurance!

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