Why I’m Not a Liberal

October 18, 2014

My biggest complaint against liberalism is that it exists in a utopian dream world in which the facts are largely ignored. Just some examples:

• On the social issues of abortion and homosexuality, the science is unambiguously against liberalism. Abortion takes the life of an innocent person. On homosexuality, there is no gay gene. Even so, marriage is not about love or rights of adults; it is about procreation and children. The evidence consistently points to children doing better in a home with a mom and a dad. And promiscuous anal sex, which is the norm in the gay lifestyle, results in all sorts of pathologies. (Get over it. These are the facts.)

• Liberals just conveniently ignore that the war on poverty is a complete failure. We have more people in poverty and on food stamps than ever. I say again—it’s a failure!

• Redistribution of wealth is illusory. It is theft. And it damages the incentive of both the recipient and the ones from whom the wealth is taken. You just cannot lift someone up by bringing someone else down. Indeed, the opposite is true: You bring up the working class by stimulating and enhancing the entrepreneurial class. Further, true compassion is personal and voluntary, not confiscation by the heavy hand of the state. Listen to me, my liberal friends. The economy is not a pie to be divided up. Economics is about growing the whole pie. Class warfare is not the answer.

• Liberals pretend that deficit spending doesn’t matter. It’s like drugs. It feels great for a while, but the eventual pain is worse than the temporary high.

• Many liberals tend to think that all worldviews and religions are more-or-less equal. They are not. Secular humanism, progressive socialism, and Islamism are far more likely to breed inequality and injustice than biblical Christianity. Evil exists. The liberal mantra “can’t we just all get along” is a dangerous failure to see the truth. Islam, in particular uses liberals in the West as useful idiots to push their radical agenda.

• Liberals think that government is the answer to every problem. Wrong again. Free individuals interacting under the rule of law has solved more problems and created more enduring benefits for society than any government bureaucracy.

One comment

  1. Notice that as GOVERNMENTAL SOCIALISM increases, CHRISTIANITY decreases.

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