Immigration Debate from a Christian Perspective

January 30, 2017


Some of our liberal Christian friends are taking a strong stand against President Trump’s immigration policies. They base their position on the Bible’s commands not to oppress strangers or “sojourners.” I could be wrong, as I have been many times. But I think liberals are misapplying these verses—being arbitrary, inconsistent, and even hypocritical.

  1. These same liberals think abortion is OK. So much for the liberal brand of helping “the least of these.” I would be more sympathetic to the liberal view if they were pro-life, thus consistent.
  1. In addition to the biblical rules about compassion, there are biblical commands to obey the laws of the land. Indeed, the Rule of Law that is so much a part of Western society has its roots in the Bible. We have immigration laws in this country, as does probably every nation on the globe, and our liberal friends seem to pretend that they don’t matter. What’s wrong with LEGAL immigration?
  1. God warned the Israelites about intermingling with those of other religions else they would be spiritually polluted (Judges 2:2-3). Indeed, while it is an inconvenient truth, God ordered the Israelites entering the land of Canaan to kill all the inhabitants—for two reasons: (1) because of their evil (the Canaanite society deserved its fate as it was thoroughly polluted by its evil practices including the horror of child sacrifice), and (2) because of the risk of God’s people losing their spiritual identity. I’m sorry if this offends you, but Islam is a modern version of paganism. It is a vial “religion” and is evil at its core, which you can confirm with a little research. Of course, not all Muslims are violent. No doubt there were liberal Hebrews who complained that “not all the Canaanites are evil.” Obviously, the Old Testament example of the Canaanites was a unique situation and it does not apply universally. God wanted specific justice for a particular situation. But the fact is, that violence and hatred are imbedded doctrines in Islam and we should be resistant to this evil. See our Faith Facts article about Islam: http://www.faithfacts.org/world-religions-and-theology/christianity-vs.-islam
  1. Jesus did not engage in what we might call “telescopic charity.” In many cases, those moderns who think they are doing God’s work have never been face-to-face with an illegal alien. Of course, it is our duty to show compassion, but biblical compassion is personal and spiritual. The biblical model of compassion is, if we have a chance to personally help an oppressed person, that we should make an effort to bring them to Christ, which ultimately is the only solution.
  1. Liberals who want unrestricted entry into our country are putting their countrymen at risk. If you know that there is only one poisoned tomato in a salad, would you eat any of that salad? Or ask your friends to try it?
  1. In Old Testament times, aliens were expected to conform to Jewish society. Today, most Muslim immigrants never integrate into our society and could best be helped by lining up safe places for them in their home region.

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